Department of Civil Law

Experienced professors and teachers work in the Department of Civil Law. The President is actively involved in the implementation of the programs and plans developed for the development of the state, the implementation of the research work of the Academy for 2017-2019 entitled "Basic directions of improving public administration in Turkmenistan". Courses taught by professors include civil law, labor law, social security law, commercial arbitration, international arbitration, and other subjects. Meetings, roundtables and scientific-practical conferences are organized with lawyers and experts from Turkmenistan and other countries in order to continuously improve the professionalism of professors and teachers, increase their experience and improve the quality of education. Professors and teachers continuously and continuously study and implement positive experiences related to and beyond their responsibilities within the Academy. By studying the positive world experience, it raises the legal status of the students through the lessons they teach, based on the national legislation of Turkmenistan. Teachers are encouraged to master the topics of their annual and graduate work. In addition, the Academy develops the legal literacy, legal culture, and awareness of civil servants and officials in order to retrain and improve their skills, as well as to create a reserve for civil servants and citizens for civil service. Achieving the highest level of national legislation and law in the exercise of public administration functions. In Turkmenistan, civil servants are encouraged to make a worthy contribution to the management of the economic, socio-cultural and administrative-political spheres, which is a matter of public administration. The trainees are also sent to train in relevant sectors of Turkmenistan, and relevant legal advice is provided in the sectors and central government agencies.
In this department, the training of civil servants of local executive bodies and local self-government bodies (training period 2 months), training of civil servants for commercial arbitration (training period 4 months), training of civil servants (4 months), state apparatus Training of civil servants (duration of training 2 years) is conducted in the areas of training.

Courses taught:
  1. Civil law
  2. Civil law: contractual relations
  3. Labor law
  4. The right to social security
  5. Commercial arbitration
  6. International arbitration
  7. Legal basis of land and water relations
  8. International Private Law
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