International relations

Aimed at meeting the modern requirements in the training of government employees, the Academy attaches great importance to the study of international experience. Several agreements have been signed in this regard to cooperate with some foreign counterparts and international organizations. These documents are concerned to public administration, public service as well other related activities.

The academy, since its foundation, has been working with a number of international organizations on a planned basis.

According to the designed curriculum the Academy studies the experience of related foreign academies, works out master's degree programs in the field of public administration. To fulfil the program the Academy conducts the training courses on important issues of the civil service, arranges the meetings, organizes the invitation of experienced professors, experts, and other faculty members. Such activities are combined with sending on training trip public administration students to learn international experience in the field of the digital governance system and to study the best practices of European governance reforms.
Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus
In order to establish business partnership between the Academy of State Service under the President of Turkmenistan and the Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus, on April 27, 2012, an  agreement on partnership was signed between the two academies. According to this document, the parties will regularly hold relevant meetings and events within the framework of cooperation in the field of training, retraining and advanced training of management personnel of state bodies and organizations.
German Gustav Strezmann Institute (GSI)
European Union
United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
United Nations Population Fund
International Committee of the Red Cross
The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic
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