The library of the Academy was founded in 2009. Its fund contains different publications related to the work of professors and students, publications on various fields of public administration, socio-economic spheres, including books and scientific works of the President of Turkmenistan, books and scientific works of the Academy, articles published in the press and theses, several foreign magazines, books. There are more than 4,000 books in the library. The library of the Academy is provided by the Revival Book Center with a wide range of books, manuals and other publications. Books are received from the central base of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Justice, the State Committee for Statistics of Turkmenistan. The teachers’ staff and students of the academy donate several books to the library.
Special stands of the library are given for invaluable scientific collection of works of the Esteemed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedv. These books are mainly translated into English, and other languages. Here is the list books presented by the President of Turkmenistan: multivolume “Collected works”, multi-volume “To the New Heights of Progress”, “State Regulation of the Socio-Economic Development of Turkmenistan”, “Economic Strategy of Turkmenistan. Relying on the People and for the sake of people”, “Great Accomplishments of the New Epoch”, “State of People”, multivolume "Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan", “Turkmenistan – Land of Prosperity and Progress”, “Peace-Making Bridges Leading to the Future”, “Turkmenistan and CIS: Format of Progressive Cooperation”, “Neutrality of Turkmenistan: Policy of Peace and Development. Collection of the official speeches and addresses of the President of Turkmenistan G.Berdimuhamedov at the session of the United Nations General Assembly), "Turkmenistan on the way to achieving the goals of sustainable development", the 2-volume   "Turkmenistan - the heart of the Great Silk Road" and many others.
These outstanding books of our Esteemed President and plus works of professors and teachers of the Academy are widely used by the students.
In addition, the students are educated on the basis of wise initiatives of the President in the spirit of happiness, awakening the feelings of simplicity, purity, kindness, kindness, patriotism in the life of the book in the life of the society.
The library is located on the1st floor of the Academy Building, Room 110, Phone: +993 (12) 49-82-70.
Today, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov convened an enlarged session of the
President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov takes part in the
The sixth summit of the heads of the Caspian
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