The Academy accepts students in the following
specialties for the master's program:

–   digital management, training period – 1 year; 

–   constitutional law, training period – 1,5 year; 
–   public administration, training period – 2 year. 

Courses are held on a fee basis.

The Academy is based on a foundation not lower than higher education in the field of computer technology, economics and management in the field of "Digital Management", in the field of "Public Administration", in the field of economics and management, in the field of law in the field of "Constitutional Law" training. Citizens of Turkmenistan, those with education are admitted on a competitive basis based on the results of entrance examinations.

Documents are accepted in the city of Ashgabat on the specified dates.

The list of official documents:

  • an application signed in the prescribed form addressed to the rector;
  • application form (questionnaire) of the established form;
  • originals of the document on higher education and its supplement (to the document on higher education issued in a foreign state, a certificate is attached that it is recognized in Turkmenistan);
  • health certificate of the sample established by the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan;
  • characteristics from the last place of study (place of work, military department);
  • eight photographs 3x4 cm in size;
  • a certified copy of the work book for employees.

In addition, applicants must submit to the selection committee along with the above documents:

  • passport;
  • military ID or registration certificate and a certificate from the military representative at the place of residence.
The Academy Admissions Committee may request additional information from the applicant, if necessary.
The candidate is personally liable for false information and forged official documents.
Entrance examinations and admission to study are held at the academy (Ashgabat) in July.
Entrance examinations are held in the state language on the basis of the curriculum of higher education in the following subjects:
training course: "Digital Management" - computer literacy, the foundations of the state and law in Turkmenistan;
training course: "Public administration" - the foundations of social sciences, the foundations of the state and law in Turkmenistan;
training course: "Constitutional law" - basics of social sciences, foundations of state and law in Turkmenistan.
Those who do not appear at the entrance examinations at the appointed time for disrespectful reasons will not be given an additional opportunity.
According to the results of entrance examinations, persons who have worked for at least 2 years in the chosen specialty of training are eligible for admission to the magistracy.

Address of the Academy of State Service under the President of Turkmenistan: Ashgabat (1987), Hero of Turkmenistan Atamurat Niyazov Ave., 112.
Phones: 49-84-76, 49-88-46.
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